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When you really whoop someone in tennis (6-0 in a regular set, or 8-0 in a pro set) you say “I bageled him!” and everyone gets it. It is a thing of beauty. The bagel is like a doughnut, yet the phrase is not “I doughnuted him” (which would have other unfortunate innuendo and undercurrents attached to it.) The bagel is like a doughnut but more awesome - something Peter Griffin appreciated when he decided to microwave one.

Yelp Reviewer on The Hot Bagel Shop, Houston, TX

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vobbly tables, checkered tablecloths, bikes on zhe vall und a staircase zhat could kill you- I absolutely love zhis place!
I vent on a friday evening und zhis vonderful little place vas busy, busy, busy, vith only two staff und a bar full of people soaking up zhe beer in zhe veird shaped beer bottles, it could have been a recipe for disaster, but somehow zhey managed to make you feel at home. Almost as if you had crashed someone’s house party und zhen realised zhat you actually did know zhe people haveing zhe party, so in actual fact you vere not crashing at all!
Zhey even told me I could bring in some pizza or various other food if I vished to, und eat it on one of zheir beautiful yet unpredictable tables! I nearly did before realising I had some pringles in my bag.
(always carry pringles darlings. You never know vhen you vill need to pop.)
Zhe drinks vere delicious (I even got two limes in my gin und tonic darlings- vithout even asking. as extra star right zhere.)
Zhe people vere friendly und gorgeous, und despite zhe fact zhere vas only one toilet for zhe whole bar, it vas always very vell stocked vith toilet paper.

Yelp Reviewer ScooterCaffe [aka Vespa] in London, UK

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6:20 AM flight on a Saturday: booooo

9:00 AM pick up by my friend Christina: yaaaaay!

Traffic jam: boooo

Steubens: yay!

Patio: brrrrr

Outdoor heater: word!

Michilata: oooohhhh

Chile rellenos for brunch: ahhhhh

Service: woot!

Atmosphere: chill!

Fan? Toats!

Yelp Reviewer on Steuben’s Food Service, Denver, Colorado

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As great of a place 15 Romolo was (service, food, sangrias) I have to admit the bathroom was kind of disappointing. Like in a lot of my reviews, I mention that I am a little OCD and a neat freak, and tend to judge a place by the bathrooms. 15 Romolo’s WASNT dirty in that there was toilet paper all over the ground and unkept, but it didn’t have a “clean” VIBE. It was dimly lit like the restaurant and the bathroom decor was along the lines of rustic cottage? Then again… i tend to hold a special place in my heart for Nordstrom bathrooms. So if the point was to make the bathrooms fit that “rustic/antique” interior decor theme, my apologies.

Yelp Reviewer on 15 Romolo, San Francisco, CA 

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Granola tasted like play-dough and stale and yogurt or bananas weren’t much better either. Perhaps this dish tastes old and strange since it’s healthy and less people seek to order the healthy entrees.

____ Reviewer on Freeman’s, Lower East Side, NYC

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The entire menu looks awesome and I want to try everything on it. I’m not giving it 4 stars because I’m being a grump and gave up booze for lent, but when I can go back and order a mimosa like I want, I will change it to four.

____ Reviewer on Q Restaurant & Wine Bar, Inner Richmond, San Francisco, CA

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