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vobbly tables, checkered tablecloths, bikes on zhe vall und a staircase zhat could kill you- I absolutely love zhis place!
I vent on a friday evening und zhis vonderful little place vas busy, busy, busy, vith only two staff und a bar full of people soaking up zhe beer in zhe veird shaped beer bottles, it could have been a recipe for disaster, but somehow zhey managed to make you feel at home. Almost as if you had crashed someone’s house party und zhen realised zhat you actually did know zhe people haveing zhe party, so in actual fact you vere not crashing at all!
Zhey even told me I could bring in some pizza or various other food if I vished to, und eat it on one of zheir beautiful yet unpredictable tables! I nearly did before realising I had some pringles in my bag.
(always carry pringles darlings. You never know vhen you vill need to pop.)
Zhe drinks vere delicious (I even got two limes in my gin und tonic darlings- vithout even asking. as extra star right zhere.)
Zhe people vere friendly und gorgeous, und despite zhe fact zhere vas only one toilet for zhe whole bar, it vas always very vell stocked vith toilet paper.

Yelp Reviewer ScooterCaffe [aka Vespa] in London, UK

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You can never go wrong with the scones with clotted cream and jam. I did take a star off for a $7 price tag for smaller than usual scones, but worth every penny.

____ Reviewer on Tea & Sympathy, West Village, NYC

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