The eclair was like a Girl Talk remix of a Nas song. Innovative but I prefer the OG Classic. And no cream filling. That’s like a porn with no cum shot at the end.

Yelp Reviewer on Craftsman & Wolves, San Francisco, CA

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Menu Readability: There is a fascia sign outdoors with some of the specials.

Yelp Reviewer on Ten Mile Aroma, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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I really don’t like seafood or veggies much and tend to view it as “diet” or “health” food. There was only one small beef course. That having been said, I did enjoy 7 of the 9 courses.

Yelp Reviewer on The Restaurant at Meadowood, St. Helena, CA

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The drink I ended up getting was basically a spiked ginger beer. It was my own fault, but I forget to tell her nothing with ginger in it. Luckily, my friend liked my drink so I gave it to her. She did not like her own drink (the USSR) and the waitress took it back and actually took it off our bill (2nd star). I ordered a beer instead, which was just ok, but again, citrus.

Yelp Reviewer on Local Edition, San Francisco, CA

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We ordered our food and drinks all at once, and as soon as they brought me my beer I was worried. The glasses are small. Yes the beer was only $4, but still, a pint would have been fair. What we got looked like a 12oz glass.

Yelp Reviewer on Nojo, San Francisco, CA

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this place is good for…NOTHING.
all it’s good for is idiots, who can’t park their cars properly and take up all the parking in the surrounding neighborhoods.

idiot-people standing in the street with their idiot children. (they should know not to dick around in the street. judah is a busy street.).

idiot-people double parking(in front of my house), illegal u turns and douchey-pedestrians.

Yelp Reviewer on Outerlands, San Francisco, CA

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This is NOT a review of the restaurant, but I will revise this after I eat here.

But here’s my two cents, if you can get a entire restaurant up and running why can’t you get the website and menu also up simultaneously?

Yelp Reviewer on Park Tavern, San Francisco, CA

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Can’t really remember what the food was like, but great selection of tequila. Would have given 4 stars, but when I went to get another round of shots from the bar my BRAND NEW iPhone was stolen off the table. Total bummer.

Yelp Reviewer on Cava 22, San Francisco, CA

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Would love to try The Melt, but I can’t do cheese. How about a GC featuring Daiya? Or homemade cashew cheese? Or another incredibly tasty, non-dairy option? That would be awesome!

Yelp Reviewer on The Melt, San Francisco, CA

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Best pizza crust I’ve ever had. 5 star crust.

Reason for lowering it to 3 stars is:
1) No meat on any of the pizza’s he makes.
2) No chili pepper flakes.
3) Nothing but 5 pizza’s, beer, & wine.

I just feel like I needed something more. If I’m going to spend 50% more for a margherita pizza, I want to enjoy the overall experience.

Yelp Reviewer on Una Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco, CA

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The good news is that I finally tried their mint hot chocolate.

The bad news is that not only do they not have a vegan alternative, the staff copped an attitude cause I asked if there was one. “We have WATER, would that serve your purpose?”

Actually a one star place but the extra star is because it did taste good. (No, I had the milk version, did I really had a choice?)

Yelp Reviewer on CocoaBella Chocolates, San Francisco, CA

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"The Big Cheese? I’m sorry, but this place should really be called "Fries and Gravy".

There were hardly any curds. I’d give it 4 stars if the big cheese served big cheese, but they don’t. I heart poutine. I hope they pick
up the slack. That is all.

EDIT: You can order extra curds for $1.25. You need to add curdsx 3 to make it reasonable. Makes a small poutine about ~$11. You decide.”

Yelp Reviewer on The Big Cheese, Calgary, CA

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[via Phil, who notes that it is “terribly stereotypical of our love for poutine”]

When you really whoop someone in tennis (6-0 in a regular set, or 8-0 in a pro set) you say “I bageled him!” and everyone gets it. It is a thing of beauty. The bagel is like a doughnut, yet the phrase is not “I doughnuted him” (which would have other unfortunate innuendo and undercurrents attached to it.) The bagel is like a doughnut but more awesome - something Peter Griffin appreciated when he decided to microwave one.

Yelp Reviewer on The Hot Bagel Shop, Houston, TX

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[submitted by Renee]

vobbly tables, checkered tablecloths, bikes on zhe vall und a staircase zhat could kill you- I absolutely love zhis place!
I vent on a friday evening und zhis vonderful little place vas busy, busy, busy, vith only two staff und a bar full of people soaking up zhe beer in zhe veird shaped beer bottles, it could have been a recipe for disaster, but somehow zhey managed to make you feel at home. Almost as if you had crashed someone’s house party und zhen realised zhat you actually did know zhe people haveing zhe party, so in actual fact you vere not crashing at all!
Zhey even told me I could bring in some pizza or various other food if I vished to, und eat it on one of zheir beautiful yet unpredictable tables! I nearly did before realising I had some pringles in my bag.
(always carry pringles darlings. You never know vhen you vill need to pop.)
Zhe drinks vere delicious (I even got two limes in my gin und tonic darlings- vithout even asking. as extra star right zhere.)
Zhe people vere friendly und gorgeous, und despite zhe fact zhere vas only one toilet for zhe whole bar, it vas always very vell stocked vith toilet paper.

Yelp Reviewer ScooterCaffe [aka Vespa] in London, UK

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So we went ahead and tried to find some wacky reviews from Canada [Vancouver specifically], and found something rather disappointing instead. All of the reviews we read were completely reasonable. Some were a bit irate, some slightly overdone, but nothing totally out there. If any of you out there are Canadian [or even if you’re not], please help us find zany reviews from your countrymen and women!